Workshop Program

C21 Ideas is a one-day seminar that equips teachers to release and develop the creative capability of their students. Using innovative design projects and ICT fee-for-service work as a context, teachers gain insights from recent brain research and the strategies from two award-winning curriculum programs to prepare young people for the demands of the 21st century.

In four fast-paced sessions, you will become familiar with:

    C21 Ideas - understanding how new insights from neuroscience, physics and sociology shed light on thinking and behaviour, including:
  • the role emotion plays in everything we do
  • 'cognitive apprenticeships' (developing integrated skills through guided practice)
  • 'stealth' learning (from what video games teach us about thinking)
  • success metaphors, virtual identities, mindfulness and visualization
  • integrated and online program delivery
    C21 Design - design projects that provide a context for amazing skill development, including:
  • the four core competencies of creativity
  • understanding the design process
  • using simple plastic forming to expand construction options
  • modern finishes (iridescence, metallic, smart colours)
  • using digital imaging to promote a shift from product to process
    C21 Enterprise - using student enterprise as an engagement and learning strategy, including:
  • ICT as student fee-for-service work (real-world experience)
  • using the online course management system that has resources, templates and enterprise programs
  • building online tests - no marking, no photocopying, just like NAPLAN
    C21 Travel - the perfect reason for young people to commit, including:
  • re-defining success - visible, tangible, equitable
  • learn from actual examples - international, interstate, adventure, cross-cultural
  • risk management - covering the legal bases
  • the four key dimensions of teamwork
  • the importance of emotional resilience and social intelligence

What you will gain... ideas, inspiration, confidence, award-winning examples, handbook, resources, - everything you need to get started.

Who will benefit...

  • teachers of late primary to senior secondary years
  • curriculum coordinators keen to provide new expertise for their teaching team
  • lecturers of teachers-in-training

When& Where...See schedule of events

How much?

$145 per person - including lunch, morning and arvo tea. (multi-person discounts available)

Registration Essential

Register early to secure your place in this unique Professional Development day: PD becomes 'Plasform Delivers' - excitement, content, and results!

Download Seminar Program (PDF 60KB)