Recent brain research offers new insights that have major implications for teaching and learning. The C21 Ideas professional development day enables teachers to get the benefits of these new insights 'on the run' and in a way that can be immediately applied.

Insights like:
  • understanding the brain as a 'pattern matching' organ, for example, validates the role of metaphor, visualisation, and image manipulation
  • research into how kids learn to play video games offers promise to better engage this generation of learners
  • the new foundation principle of emotion before thought raises the importance of understanding the role emotion plays in everything we do
  • the biology of learning - working with the way the brain works raises performance and delivers results suited for these times

The C21 Ideas professional development day is currently the only one offering these insights in a student project-based context. The seminar is offered as a scheduled event, or by invitation to individual schools or groups of teachers.