A starting point for engaging students is often an engaging curriculum and methods of teaching.

Signposts: Research points to how Victorian schools have improved student performance

C21 Ideas is an engaging curriculum - minds are engaged, passions stirred, talents discovered, and great original ideas flow, making a tide that lifts all boats. The results are simply amazing.

Results like design projects that reduce evaporation in water storages, shield dwellings from freeway noise, conceal pyro-technicians on a rock concert stage, or provide emergency housing in disaster areas, are all possible with this engaging curriculum and on-going teacher support (see all examples).

Results like ICT fee-for-service work based on simple open-source programs to prepare existing tests to online delivery and automatic correction. With the current focus on testing, there is an emerging need for teachers to enable students to become familiar with tests similar to NAPLAN. This provides an ideal opportunity to skill your students and let them offer their skills on a fee-for-service basis.

Results like student funded travel. Examples are provided of international, interstate, adventure, and cross-cultural excursions, as well as vital information on risk management, teamwork, emotional resilience.

The C21 Ideas seminar provides:
  • an opportunity for teachers to explore interdisciplinary learning with a particular focus on creativity, communication, technology and thinking skills
  • new strategies that promote the development of creativity by the use of technology in the context of design and student enterprise
  • a way of forming plastic sheet into complex shapes using an oven and a vacuum cleaner
  • access to programs suitable for online course management and test preparation

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