Student Evaluations

From an integrated online VCAL program similar to tapping creative potential offered at Mercy Regional College in 2005.

In what way has your awareness/thinking developed? Give examples.

  • It has changed in that I think about things in greater depth.
  • My awareness and thinking have changed. My outlook has changed, I am now more calmer and I don't always jump to conclusions now.
  • I think my awareness/thinking has developed from when I had a fight with someone then afterwards realised that they were actually an alright person.
  • I am a lot calmer when approaching situations, and think carefully about what I am going to say other than mouthing off and doing my block. An example would be arguing with my mother. I tend to back off a bit and listen to what she says rather than yelling and screaming at her and I have found that it does make things a lot better when we both understand each other's feelings.
  • My thinking and awareness has developed but not a lot.
  • My awareness & thinking have developed, because I am a lot more aware and cautions of things around me.

Have you been able to visualise things? Give examples.

  • Yes, I can visualise how a successful person looks and how I could look if I was very successful.
  • I haven't really thought about visualising things. I kinda forgot about it.
  • Yes, when I had to design a futuristic car, I needed to visualise how I wanted it to look.
  • I can't recall a time when I have been able to do this. But if I visualise anything soon I'll get back to you.
  • I have been able to visualise things such things as the design project well.
  • When I am at work I often need to make room for a truck to come through, so I can visualise how much room I need.
  • I have visualised my car of the future & my wall panels, it's the first time I have done anything like this.

Has the focus on emotions and understanding factors we can change, been useful for you?

  • It has helped me to keep control of my emotions.
  • The focus on the emotions and factors has been useful, it makes me think more.
  • Yes, even when it is a cold and rainy day I will still go outside and do what I want to, I won't just think there's no point doing anything because of the weather.
  • Language has been a major part of the emotional factors (as you would know). But I believe that things are different from when I started this year and also the previous years. I now have an understanding that there are factors that I can change the outcome and make me feel different.
  • The focus on emotion has shown me that we can change the way we look and act.
  • Yes it has changed the way I look at things like yesterday when I was playing football, someone hit me in the guts. Usually I would of got up and hit him but instead I just walked away.

Are you thinking or doing things differently compared to February?

  • At the start of school I was thinking that we had to do some stupid environmental Personal Development thing that really doesn't have anything to do with PD.
  • I haven't been in this class since February, but since May I have been thinking about things lots more and not jumping to immediate conclusions.
  • Yes, I thought this year would be the same as last year and all we done was write and learn about the "environment", as the year went on I realised this year won't be the same, that we would be doing a lot more hands on work and we have.
  • I have changed a lot from February and I am doing things differently now, which is good.
  • Yes it's a lot like what I was talking about in the last question, my body language at the beginning of this year was different to what it is now. I still maybe do little things that give off a feeling towards other people but I have cut back a lot since February. An example would be if Merv had asked me to do something I didn't want to do I wouldn't actually say anything, it would be my body language that sent off the message that I didn't want to do this.
  • Yes I think I am going better in class now and taking my time and I am getting most of my work done now.

Personally, I think the program is ...

  • a good change to many years of handwriting and now that there's a chance we can use computers.
  • a very useful class/subject, in it I have learnt a lot. I am looking forward to next term which is unusual for me.
  • going very well, I am enjoying school a lot more, this time last year I told my parents that I would not be doing year 12, but now that I like school I will be doing year 12.
  • working well, but a little too well because it seems all the time we are doing personal development.
  • has made me have a better understanding that things don't always go your way.
  • really Good. It's better because if I was in the other class I would fail. But it is a really good class and it is going well.
  • changing my life.