Program Description

The C21 Ideas seminar is about great ideas; the Plasform program is about making them happen. The idea, for example, of developing emotional resilience using 'stealth' learning, can become reality by immersing young people in the exciting world of design projects - challenging, realistic, and much of it virtual. Similarly, the idea of young people funding their travel by fee-for-service work becomes possible using specially developed ICT programs to facilitate online learning. Ideas transformed into engaging exciting and appropriate activities, by using a curriculum model that has already succeeded. The model, designed and piloted nationally in 2003, won the prestigious Award of Excellence in Innovation and Design, by the Australian National Training Authority.

"Design projects that reduce evaporation, provide emergency shelter, or conceal pyro-technicians on a rock concert stage are not usually undertaken by inexperienced and unqualified young people. Nor are the young and unqualified usually engaged on a fee-for-service basis to provide training for teachers in online course delivery. Nothing to say they can't be, in fact the avec esprit project has proved they can be. The avec esprit project used current brain research to develop strategies for the teaching of four personal and workplace skills: awareness, visualisation, emotion management and creativity. Effective strategies are needed, for it appears these 'soft' skills resist most other forms of teaching."

Australian Flexible Learning Framework

The Plasform program is your opportunity to turn great ideas into practice. Remember: Kids can do remarkable things, if they have remarkable things to do.