C21 Ideas is the name of a one-day seminar introducing new insights into the brain and learning to teachers and providing them examples of how the ideas can be applied in the areas of design projects, student enterprise and travel as a program objective. The seminar is offered as a scheduled event, or by invitation to individual schools or groups of teachers.

Plasform is the name of an award-winning curriculum program designed to develop four important 'soft' skills in participants: awareness, visualisation, emotion management, and creativity. The program does this in two parts: Design Projects (see examples of design projects) and using ICT as a fee-for-service activity to fund student travel.

The curriculum has been designed for:

  • teachers of upper primary through to senior years in regular classrooms (providing they have access to an oven, a vacuum cleaner, and the Internet)
  • curriculum coordinators keen to play an active role in providing new expertise for their teaching team
  • lecturers who recognise the challenges their teachers-in-training will face require emotional resilience as well as creative adaptive and flexible thinking skills
  • young people who are waiting for interesting and purposeful challenges to fire up their imagination and tap their creative potential.
  • all of the above who are ready to explore the exciting realm of student enterprise using ICT to fund travel
  • See the Seminar Program here. Download a PDF Flyer (130KB)

    Session notes: Feel Good, Think Smart: the role of emotion in learning (VALBEC Conference) download here (PDF 76KB)